Measuring 45 x 45 x 45 cm, this Pixel Table could double as a versatile cupboard, store books you are reading or simply use it to place your laptop on the top for typing by sitting on your bedroom floor.

The outer tidy cubical sticks are glued together to hold everything in place, or as the frame to store those inner square wooden sticks that could freely manipulate depending on your needs and condition.

In one simple statement: Pixel Table is a bunch of wooden sticks stored in a tidy wooden cube frame consists of wooden square sticks! 😀


A design by Studio Intussen, you will need to adjust for yourself the preferred storing space inside this Pixel Tale by pushing an object inside the cubical space insided the glued wooden frame. You could form the tablet back to cube shape anytime you wish, but remember, remove those easy to break items first from the cubical space.

No idea about pricing, but you could make it by yourself or contact Studio Intussen to get one.

[ Source: Studio Intussen ]