A digital radio that offers a 3.5-inch color touchscreen, Revo’s PiXiS is designed to receive DAB/DAB+/FM radio channels comes in a desktop format with a dimension of 155 x 160 x 125-mm. The touchscreen on Revo PiXiS offers users with wide variety of information, such as news headlines, sports reports, weather information, traffic updates as well as now playing screens.

Besides, PiXiS also supports for DAB Slideshow that enables to display full color images to be broadcast with standard digital audio transmissions. Having small footprint does not means PiXiS could not offer impressive audio quality, on the contrary, Revo PiXiS is designed to offer impressive audio quality and bass response, thanks to the custom made loudspeaker and digital amplifier.



Revo PiXiS is now open for pre-order and it is scheduled for release by September 20th, 2012 at GBP99.95 or about USD157.

[ Source: Revo PiXiS ]