It has been a horrible experience going to the dentist for fixing holes in your teeth and had things right again using the painful mechanical abrasion for the drilling. But, here comes a good news from engineers at University of Missouri (MU) that collaborate with Nanova Inc. for developing the new ‘plasma brush’ that offer ‘painlessly’ cleanning and prep cavities without using mechanical abrasion prior filling up the cavity hole on the enamel.

The excitement goes as the overall process claims to be lab proven to be side-effects ‘proof’, and takes a mere 30 seconds per cavity, including disinfect bacteria using ions as well as alters the surface of the tooth for filling material bonds even more effectively.

Let’s roll the video to see the plasma brush in action…

“A tooth can only support two or three restorations before it must be pulled,” Li said. “Our studies indicate that fillings are 60 percent stronger with the plasma brush, which would increase the filling lifespan. This would be a big benefit to the patient, as well as dentists and insurance companies.”


And the best part, the plasma brush technology will help those avoiding the fear for drills and needles on the dentist’s chair for a longer and stronger fillings for fewer visits. Expect to see human clinical trials starting as soon as late 2013!

[ Source: Dentistryiq ; University of Missouri ; Nanova Inc. ]