The first Plug-in electrical iQ from Toyota will be introduced in Geneva next month. The Plug-in electrical iQ EV itself claims for 105km mileage after a single charge and will soon be available in USA, Japan and Europe around 2012.


Toyota Plug-in electric iQ was appeared to the public back at Eco Product 2010 event late last year. The mileage itself is set to provide convenience for urban dweller for driving up to 50 miles between home, work and other forms of public transportation while maintain eco-consciouss responsibility and sustainable mobility for reducing carbon footprint, efficient fuel consumption and overall green house gasses.


Toyota FT-EV concept with revolutionary-new iQ urban commuter vehicle ida has become a huge hit in Japan. The four seater eco-friendly commuter is designed with Hybrid Synergy Drive technology for sporty performance, exceptional mileage, comfort, security and fuel saving concerns. This is achievable through lightweight vehicle body, compact EV battery design and smarter EV system.

No info on pricing and availability yet.

[ Source: Akihabara News ; HybridCarBlog ; Toyota ]