Owing to those scientists and researchers that make great contribution for the advancement in technology, computer in our era is getting smaller and smaller. The latest news about a palm size big, Plug PC for client computer, which has been released by Chip PC.


Chip PC’s Plug PC will have a 528 MHz RMI 1250 RISC 1.8GHz x86 equivalent processor for similar to standard desktop PC’s performance, it consumes a mere 0.35 W of power in hibernate mode or 3W at maximum operating mode. There is a 256MB disk-on-chip flash storage, 128MB DDR2 RAM, 1920×1200 pixel resolution, data could be stored at data center such as NAS or office/home server.


Plug PC has a dimension of 77 x 52 x 24mm, weighing 2 ounces (approx. 62g), suit best to changing server, or cloud infrastructure that compatible to cross-platform OS of Linux-based Thinx OS and Windows CE 6.0 R2.


You will find 4x USB 2.0 ports, 10/100 Ethernet with auto-negotiate TCP/IP with DNS and DHCP feature, DVI-D digital video connection. There’s also a couple of audio in/out jacks to the side. Plug PC also supports latest Citrix HDX media streaming features, a bundled wall-mount power supply, or you could use Chip PC’s USB power cable to run the Plug PC.

chippc-plugpc-smallest-computer-with-monitor-n-keyboardChip PC’s Plug PC has gained recognition from Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Green Solutions device, and has been deployed at Lake Land College in United States as the company efforts for carbon neutral by 2012.

Price: USD218.99 [ Interested? Find out more on our partner page, right here! ]

[ Source:  Chip PC ; Microsoft ]