Another MacGyver type of pocket tool is the Pocketwrench II, a grip fasteners for various size and shape of nut. Pocketwrench II comes in a steel ruler shape with a triangle shape of hole in the middle for fastening nut. Designed using laser cut from 400 series, high-carbon, surgical grade stainless steel that is heat treated and tempered for maximum durability.


Pocketwrench II works great as a mini prybar for opening paint cans, etc. For reverse direction of rotation, you could simply turning the tool over. The laser engraved, polished to a fine, brushed finish inch and metric scales on the stainless steel rules are convenient for measuring fasteners and other small items.


You could also consider putting the Pocketwrench II as your keychain accessories or other multi-function tools.

Price: USD14.95

[ Source: Pocket Wrench Tool ]