Summer time has arrived, and in some spots in United States, hot air could reach more than a hundred Fahrenheit at the peak. With such hot weather around, you might be thinking of bring along a portable cooler device such as solar cap or the following Handy Cooler as your personal air conditioner.


This device would be a relief of a hot summertime. It is powered by 4xAA batteries to run for 5 hours, you could also power the handy cooler using a power outlet or through your usb port.


Suffer no more, ye overheated masses! Take cool air with you with our new Handycooler personal air conditioner! Evaporative cooling is the trick here. Simply drizzle a few ounces of water onto a sponge, and place it in a device a little bigger than a cordless phone, and enjoy cool breezes wherever you go. The fan draws air over the damp sponge, cooling it by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The ducted fan rotates to move the air where you want it, but you’re gonna want to blow that heavenly cool air right past your sweating noggin. Ah, there. That’s the stuff.


  • Effective evaporative cooling technology utilizing a water filter
  • Humidifying effect alleviates allergies and soothes breathing
  • Small and portable. Hand held and/or desktop usage.
  • Battery-operated (4 AA, not included), USB power compatible, home socket power compatible
  • Battery life approximately 5 hours
  • Patent-pending new invention. The only handheld swamp cooler.
  • 2.5 x 2 x 7 inches

Price: USD39.99