Enjoy a cup of espresso for your morning class? Here comes a neat Drinklip that allow you to get a hold for a cap of your espresso coffee by clipping the Drinklip onto desk, table or even shelf.

Practical yet convenience for you that have trouble with a cup of coffee and bunch of writing papers. Drinklip also useful to accommodating other small items for home repair in a cup container including items such as nails, screws or drill bits. You could also use the Drinklip to store crafting items such as needles, beads, pincushion, safety pins or stitch holders.

For usage in the office, you could use Drinklip to hold a container that hold keys, loose change or even your hair ties.


Without occupying much space on your desk, table or shelf, Drinklip portable and lightweight cap holder is easy to carry anywhere you go, but the size is a bit ‘large’ for a laptop bag, taking 3.25-inches in diameter for the cup holder, not including the clip area.

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