A good news for those love to enjoy outdoor activities, following solar power charger case comes with built-in 2500mAh or 1350mAh lithium battery. The package comes with the solar charger, a USB cable and a few connectors to hook into an outlet with 10 different adapters for cell phones.

solar power charger case

This solar power charger case will be able to offer up to 100 minutes of cell phone talk time after a short 1-hour charge. The solar power charger also suitable to recharge your MP3 players, cell phones and compact digital cameras.

If it is a rainy season or cloudy day, simply connect it to a wall outlet for an AC recharge.

2500mAh = USD32.99 [ more info from ChinaGrabber here ]
1350mAh = USD22.99 [ info on etronixmart here ]