Following Portico Tangible Interaction tablet is unveiled by Daniel Avrahami, a project by Microsoft Research, Intel and University of Washington to create an interactive tablet media that recognize the approaching object and convert the object immediately into the digital platform.

You could watch the following video that shows how the two simple webcams above a tablet could allow a stencil of a spaceship to blast asteroids on the screen, as well as the rolling mini soccer ball get into tablet’s screen without much delay.

Portico: Tangible Interaction on and around a Tablet from Daniel Avrahami on Vimeo.

Portico Tangible Interaction tablet is designed to offer similar gesture detection technology to Microsoft Surface, only this time with more affordable that should fit the price hunting market.


The next Nintendo 3DS? Portico Tangible Interaction tablet should change the way converting real-life object into 3D or 2D sooner or later…

[ Source: Technology Review ; University of Washington’s Information School ; Intel Labs ; Microsoft Research ]