Getting an RC toy car for Christmas present this year? The Silverlit RC Power XTR 3 in 1 Stunt Car is the type of boy scout of remote controlled racing cars, coupled with awesome acceleration and terrific top speed.

There three transformation mode of racing, dragster and big foot on the Silverlit RC Power XTR 3 in 1 Stunt Car will let the kids enjoy different playful experience using the digital proportional function for precise turning angles even at high speed.

Designed to suit both lefty and righty users, the Silverlit RC Power XTR 3 in 1 Stunt Car comes with rechargeable battery pack and mains charger for the car also included inside the package.


You will be able to direct the Power XTR Stunt Car scrambling up steep slopes, handling jumps and stunts with no problem at all. No worry for a little tougher, off-road track, meanwhile the front section of Power XTR Stunt Car could be easily detached to switch between single and dual wheel parts, and the special Monster Truck tyres can be quickly attached when you need some extra traction to get you over rougher terrain.



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