Pretoria Portland Cement bag was made of unused Pretoria Portland Cement paper bags. The making process is quite long: first the unused paper bag is opened and the various paper layers are separated. Then the top and third layers of paper are fused and bonded with black cotton to make the paper strong and the bag is EXTREMELY DURABLE.


PPC bag has a water resistant property and a neat bag that consist of two layers and two pockets that will fit your laptop and notes. The biggest laptop size that fits to this PPC bag is 15.5-inch. This PPC bag is designed by Wren Design and is a durable bag similar to fabric bag.


The PPC bag has two hidden magnets on the flap and the bag has been successfully tested in the rain and snow.

PPC Water Resistant Bag was designed by Wendren, a surface designer by paper from Cape Town, South Africa. More about Wendren could be found here.

INSIDE: There are two sections and two pockets. One pocket is large enough to carry laptop cables whilst the other is the right size for either an iphone or mouse. The divider is padded and separates the laptop from notes or other belongings would be carried in the bag. The base and side of the bag is also padded with foam to protect your laptop.

Price: USD82.00 [ more info from Etsy here ]