In 2010, owning a large and huge HDTV does not necessary increase your self esteem, but owning a 55-inch TV with 18ct rose gold and encasted with 72 brilliant round cut 1ct flawless diamonds on the frame must definitely let you become the word of mouth around the neighbourhood.


Introducing Stuart Hughes’ newest luxury 55-inch TV series the ‘PrestigeHD SUPREME Rose Edition‘ and ‘PrestigeHD SUPREME‘.

PrestigeHD SUPREME Rose Edition is the more expensive one, having the base and outer frame is made out of  28 kilograms of solid 18ct rose gold. Furthermore, the frame is enchanted with the presence of 72 brilliant round cut 1ct flawless diamonds and the remaining area encrusted with sunstone and amethyst.

The inner screen layer of PrestigeHD SUPREME Rose Edition is covered by genuine alligator skin, and all hand sewn!

On the other hand, PrestigeHD Supreme has an outer frame with 22ct gold and encrusted with 48 diamonds with the remaining area set with Aventurine and Topaz. The inner screen layer is also made up from genuine alligator skin.

Both TV sets are powered by the technology from Metz of Germany and manufactured by PrestigeHD of Switzerland.

Excellence Job Stuart!

PrestigeHD SUPREME Rose Edition = USD2.26millions;
PrestigeHD Supreme = USD1.51millions.