Melody Shiue has a Prevue concept that has been entered for Australian Design Award/James Dyson Award competition this year. Prevue concept is basically offering a way to help pregnant mom or parent to monitor their baby through a visible, 4D live watching window.


The Prevue concept is utilizing the same ultrasound technology that have been used for several years for prenatal care in detecting fetus condition inside a mother’s womb. Prevue concept is using ultrasound technology to further enhance the bond between parents and the growing fetus, while the three dimensional scanning will send sound waves from a few different angles and a composite still image to the flexible display on the Prevue.


Thus far, the major concern is whether the scanning sound waves that generate through different angles will hinder or distract the fetus’ natural brainwaves inside a mother womb.


Of course, further research and extra precautionary measures are the best before using or commercializing this type of sound waves scanning technology for usage on pregnant moms and real fetus.


[ Source: Gizmag ; Australian Design Awards ; Melody Shiue ]