A 14 years old clever boy has built the first fully functioning lego constructed printer! The PriNXT, as the name of the lego printer, is basically a monochrome printer that operates via felt tip pen controlled by motors installed on the right hand side of the PriNXT.

PriNXT is equipped with three motors that control the horizontal, vertical and lifts and lowers the pen onto the page while printing.
PriNXT also has two touch sensors as well as color and light sensors.

The PriNXT printer operates by converting the image into a text file containing 1s and 0s using Paint.NET, This text file is then imported into RobotC, a C programming language’s program that becomes the brin of all other robots by Lego Mindstorms.


However, it takes this PriNXT printer about 3 hours to finish printing an average post card size image at 50×50 pixels resolution!

Ow boy, that’s one smart lego playing. 🙂

[ Source: GizMag ]