Advanced library system? Well, Austrian city of Klagenfurt has a new project called Ingeborg that meant to turn the municipality into a book repository of sorts with 70 QR codes and NFC chip-equipped stickers. The project team is preparing to partner up with local talent to distribute books, music and other digital contents in the effort to build a stronger bond to the location.

QR codes were plastered at selected location throughout the town, where users are directed to web pages where they could download public domain works, including information from Project Gutenberg, and often times, ebooks such as Arthur Schnitzler’s The Killer near the police station are located and available in relevant locations.


Expect for full blast this coming August, the Project Ingeborg organizers have prevented search engines from indexing the links, only those who have visited Klagenfurt or have information on Klagenfurt city will have access for the curated goods, speaking of access, you could find families, friends or colleagues that are living on the city to scan the QR code and send to your smartphone, whatever the way, it makes those who see the QR codes curious about the digital contents, aren’t they?

The idea is turning the entire city into a living digital libray, it could be on the entrance of stores, shop windows, city park’s seats, which should be an interesting ‘add-on’ for the city attraction towards outside tourists as well.

Simply make sure the city is not polluted with the plastered QR codes everywhere, don’t you agree?

[ Source: Engadget ; Pingeb (translated) ]