Have you heard about Project Utopia? Designed for rich and famous, the Project Utopia’s concept gives an idea how a 330-ft diameter Super Yacht should that its shape.

Offering 11 decks of living space, Project Utopia’s Super Yacht doesn’t look like a ship at all, but more like a high-tech mangrove tree growing in the middle of nowhere on the wide open space of the ocean.


Nope, you can’t go speeding with such large yacht, but instead, Project Utopia’s Super Yacht will allow residents to float around the international waters and keeping its residents far from the reach of ‘cunny’ governments that love to imply laws, regulations and politics.

Should be a good residence for rich people that don’t want all the headaches related to political agendas or money politics. And should be a one-stop floating destination that will definitely attract those top gamblers, law breakers and where high caliber ‘wanted’ folks enjoy to stay on.


Images Courtesy: Yacht Island Design

Each of the leg comes with a fully functional azimuthing thruster propeller that capable to move the Utopia Super Yacht around, no sign of a place for growing food or vegetables. A design by BMT Nigel Gee, a British design group BMT and those folks at Yacht Island Design.

One question folks, will the Utopia Super Yacht survive the tsunami? 😀 Don’t forget to check out why paypal co-founder interested to make huge investment on the floating city as well!

[ Source: Dvice ; Yacht Island Design ; BMT Nigel Gee ]