Fierce competition in outdoor-proof display has drive Plastic Logic under great expansion pressure and 50 million bank debt consolidation the last couple of months. However, Russian based Corporation of Nanotechnologies (Rusnano) somehow interested to invest USD700 million into Plastic Logic Que.


The reason is simply because the Russia’s party believes that the future of flexible plastic electronic display will become a new milestone that will change how people process information. Rusnano itself is seeking relevant opportunities in order to lead the global market position for future flexible display electronics.


Plastic Logic will eventually focusing on ProReader in order to adjust to new corporate climate. Rusnano is aiming to become the world’s largest commercial plastic electronics factory by increasing their production level up to hundreds of thousands of “next-generation plastic electronics displays” per month!

The ambitious target is expected to materialize as soon as 2013 or by the latest in 2014.

[ Source: Engadget ; Plastic Logic ; Rusnano ]