QBEAK is one of the latest e-car model that is scheduled to hit the road this year. QBEAK is a product of ECOmove, a emissions-free electric vehicle with overall weight of 400 kg (about 881.4 lbs). The batteries is capable to run up to 300 km (about 186.4 miles), at a top speed of 120 km (74.6 miles) per hours.

The compact size of the vehicle’s body seems ideal for urban users, while for batteries in the removable modules, you could install up to six unit in one car. The length of the QBEAK e-car itself is 9.8ft or about three meters with sliding side doors.

The driver seat is position in the middle of the e-car to ease driver for getting in or out from either side. ECOmove claims that QBEAK’s running costs will be less than half the price of maintaining a standard fossil fuel powered car, while the build-up of QBEAK is using non-corrosive materials that could sustain minor collisions, where those parts are also recyclable or rebuild-able.



Moreover, if you love to customize your own QBEAK, ECOmove promises customization for each indivuidual owner of the car to suit different taste and lifestyle. QBEAK could get up to six seats or alternatively less seats and more room for a spacious driving experience.

Awarded 2012 European Electric Vehicles Early Stage Investment Opportunity Award from the Frost & Sullivan-company, no further info about pricing and availability of QBEAK yet.

[ Source: ECOmove ]