Shanghai World Expo 2010, which will be held for around half year in Shanghai has offered many neat gadgets produced by exhibitors from local China and International community that have come to participate in the longest exhibition event ever held in Shanghai – “A Better City For Better Life“.


One of the interesting gadget we is the QderoPateo’s Quidoo smartphone. Quidoo comes with 3.5-inch display offering 800×480 touchscreen, 5MP camera with flash, 3D map, digital compass, acceleromete and accelerometer and microSD card slot.

Quidoo smartphone is running QderoPateo’s own OS and includes Oxford University’s PTAM (Parallel Tracking and Mapping) augmented reality software for its 3D map.


Quidoo is powered by a 26-core processor offering 8-gigaflop processing power, 4GB of ROM, 512MB RAM and 28GB internal storage. As for the connectivity, you will get GPS, bluetooth and WiFi.

No info on pricing and availability for overseas market yet.

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