QooQ is another brilliant 10.2-inch touchscreen tablet with onscreen keyboard designed to fit well on your kitchen environment. If MediaChef‘s kitchen tablet is using English language, QooQ device is programmed in French language with Ethernet and Wifi features. There are 10 videos on recipes from chefs that will teach you how to prepare French cooking at the comfort of your kitchen.



Users could also subscribe to monthly updates for various recipes over the net, while you could use it as your meal planner, daily menu or simply a shopping list builder in case you might not want to run out of cooking stuffs in your refrigerator or kitchen’s cabinet.

You could also enjoy browsing the internet right from your kitchen table, while enjoying latest news and video update from the news portal is going to be easier with this standing tablet.

Planning to do some kitchen shopping? Well, you can check for weather information right from this device. It also get you internet radio stations, and a digital picture frame in case your husband or members of the family want to share some of their photos during the trip to Hawaii or Switzerland?

Now, if you are worrying about spill over or messy kitchen boil over, your could be assure that this tablet device is something that could stand all those sauces, soups or even flour.  Simply wipe off the glass screen daily, that’s it, it will do the trick!

Being sold in France : EUR349.- [ pre-loaded with 500 recipes, additional monthly subscription EUR12.95 ]