Floating sport car? Who told you that you are day dreaming? Latest technology has shown the path for creation of floating car like the Jetsons is one true possibility.

Researchers from Tel-Aviv University has unveiled their Quantum Levitation project, a unique invention that demonstrate the reality of an object to float, achieving so called ‘Quantum Levitation’.

Showed during ASTC Annual Conference, the floating ‘Quantum Levitation’ object is simply fascinating! The floating object itself is coated with a thin superconductor layer on a sapphire wafer which penetrated by discret flux tubes. The superconductor strongly pins to these flux tubes, allowing the wafer to float, making the ‘quantum levitation’ a reality.


The coolest part will be when the demo shown the wafer is set on a track and propelled smoothly around it, let the object floating in the midair. Let’s roll the video to see the actual floating ‘Quantum Levitation’ object in action, encircling the glass table…


The dream of riding in floating cars like The Jetsons is one of the oldest dreams presented in science fiction movies, but now a group of researchers have unveiled a demonstration that makes such a reality seem tantalizingly close.

[ Source: Dvice ; Quantum Levitation ]