Nissan has long in the electric ‘leaf’ vehicle, but Honda is seems still innovating for using recycled materials found on their used parts or products. The recently announced joint partnership between Honda Motor Co., Ltd and Japan Metals & Chemicals Co., Ltd has initiated world’s first processing method that extract rare earth metals from various used parts.

Perhaps, this also indicates critical point where automotive manufacturing has reached the phase where demand for rare earth metals are greater than available global supply?

On the joint partnership, Honda has adopted the mass-production of recycling process to extract the rare-earth metals from the used Nickel-metal found in hydride batteries on Honda’s hybrid vehicles.


According to Honda, the Hybrid vehicles are made to consume less fuel and at the same time reduce carbon emissions. In this way, Honda is optimist that it will allow Japanese car manufacturer to claim up to 80 per cent of the recycled rare-earth-metals from the used batteries.

[ Source: Honda – Press release ]