After toothbrushing, usually we will need to take some water into our mouth and start gargling, if you are using a cup or mug, the bubbles from your toothbrushing process will certainly stick on the lid of the mug or cup and you will need to wash them.

Since holding some water from the tap using your palm is also another solution, some consider that it is not very hygiene. Toothbrushing could be faster if you have a gadget integrated on the toothbrush that eliminate the necessity of using mug, cup or palm to hold for clean water, instead, following genius invention allow you to get a tiny fountain type water right from your tap water and use it for gargling your mouth or for rinse.

No more searching for mug or cup for or using hand for delivering water into your mouth for gargling. Simply get the flow of tap water in to the hole located on the neck part of this smart toothbrush,  the water’s flow pressure from the faucet will  be enough to let it create a small fountain flow of water upward to reach your mouth facing the water basin position.


This idea was suggested back in 2007 by Andrew, but back then, the cost for this type of toothbrush is just too expensive, more like robbing the bank. Amron is pre-selling this Rinser Toothbrush for USD22, or normal price USD35 for November shipment.

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