An innovative small, portable and stacking type 3-modules speaker system dubbed ROADIE Portable Speaker System is introduced by Franklin Electronic Publishers.


At the bottom part this ROADIE portable speaker system, is a USB powered and accepts input from any audio sources such as MP3 player, PMP, cellphone. It comes with built-in microphone for VoIP communications.

The second stack or module in the middle, consists of place for SD card slot, the rechargeable battery and MP3 player.

The third stack or module on the highest part, consists of a hi frequency tweeter plus AC power to enable a second amplifier stage for an even more thunderous sound and an equalizer.


  • Base ROADIE Portable Speaker System EVS-2000 = USD49.99
  • Second Middle Module – ROADIE Unplugged Portable Speaker System EVS-3000 = USD79.99
  • Third Top Module – ROADIE Amp’d Portable Speaker System EVS-4000 = USD99.99

[ Source: Engadget ; Franklin ]