Backyard Brains has recently released a mind control gadget called RoboRoach, as weired as it sounds, RoboRoach is a device to control over a cockroaches’ mind using the parts from the cute little Hexbug.


Basically, RoboRoach works by sending electrical pulses to the cockroaches’ antennae nerves, and it will direct them to turn the direction to where you want. Of course, the device has no ability to control where cockroaches will lay their eggs, but at least it let you know control the left and right turn of the cockroaches.

However, the current RoboRoach testing shows that it works only 25% of cockroaches, for more details you could head over to Backyard Brains.

No info if the larger scale of RoboRoach device would be able to take control over a person’s behaviour?

[ Source: UberGizmo ; Backyard Brains ]