For gamers, it can’t be more exciting to be able to share their gaming experience with the rest of their gaming friends around the neighborhood, at school or even at the office.

Roccat understand gamers well, and the latest addition of the keyboard smartphone dock from Roccat’s Phobo Project is a perfect match for the powerful Power Grid application.

In this way, Roccat is creating the convenience for gamers to share their latest achievement for playing their favorite game using solely a smartphone, while synchronizing or updating the gaming achievement using your friends’ gaming record could be done easily via the keyboard with smartphone dock to your gaming console or desktop pc with ease.


Moreover, the Roccat Power Grid application will allow users with the Roccat keyboard smartphone dock to monitor their CPU status, PC RAM as well as chatting or communicating with friends over the social networking including Twitter, Facebook and Skype among other online social networking services through the first of the three pre-installed control grids called Incoming center.

The Incoming Center feature is useful for gamers to enjoy gaming while still able to receive messages from friends or gaming team mates by glancing at the display of the smartphone with Power Grid docked on the keyboard smartphone.


The second pre-installed feature on the Power Grid app is the Stats Control, which offer convenience of monitoring computer status and data, including hard drive space and network traffic right from the smartphone.

Meanwhile the Sound Control feature will allow gamers to set and fine tune every aspect of their gaming, including audio right from the smartphone. Gamers could also customize the in-game music, incoming Skype call, facebook or twitter alert for incoming message and so on with a custom tailored audio control.

No info about release of the Roccat Keyboard Smartphone Dock, but if you are a gaming maniac, you could apply for testing the beta version of Roccat’s Power Grid app simply by filling out the application form, right here.

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