Unlike the gold ATM machines from Gold To Go that have been installed in Emirates Palace and Frankfurt airport back in September last year, the new Japan version of gold and silver vending machine is planning offer precious metal items including coins and ingots, from a gram up to a quarter of an ounce.

The Rokugawa’s gold vending machine has been installed in Tokyo office building. An idea by Makishi Rokugawa to install vending machines for selling gold and silver.


Image Credit: Yoshikazu Tsuno

The next plans from Rokugawa is to install a gold vending machine in Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel, while next phase of the project will be taking the vending machine nationwide and apparently going to enter Hong Kong market.

Gold Price Updates

For the price, it will vary according to the current market value and with daily price updates, in relation to global gold price. Observing the rising of gold prices over the last decades, which increase about 30 percent in 2010, this precious metal is one neat investment for those afraid losing all their hard earned money to fluctuating currency turmoils.

As been shown in gold prices fluctuation, the biggest one-day jump in the last 12 months was 3.3 percent, while the biggest decline was 4.1 percent.

The Space of Gold, as the name of the Rokugawa’s gold and silver coins vending machine, will offer coins ranging from 15.5 grams to 62.2 grams, or 2 troy ounces, in weight.


Other precious metal coins will be from the central banks of China, Australia, and Canada. Rokugawa is planning to expand the business into platinum and other precious metals in near future.

As these gold and silver vending machines and ATMs getting popular, does this means people’s faith to a country’s currency stability getting more vulnerable than ever? European countries are facing economy crisis, who might tell what’s the next financial disaster would take shape? What if there will be a sudden global drop in gold pricing?

How many vending machines or gold ATM would like to buy back their own gold at the same price? That seems more speculation rather than investment on gold these days…

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