Have you tried the new bowling machine at your local shopping center or mall? Charles Salansky has written us a comment regarding the new invention called ‘Rolling Bowling’. It is a wonderful concept about affordable bowling at the comfort of your own home of office and it allows up to 103 players for the game.

Well, 103 might be a bit crowded for small meeting room, so, let’s put it 5 people or about one small family with grandpa, grandma, husband, wife and a kid. You could enjoy the Rolling Bowling all day long without any illusions, no heavy lifting for bowling ball and it could be played by both men and women of all ages.

The Rolling Bowling balls are a bit larger and heavier than billiards ball, but it is much smaller and lighter compare to real bowling ball. You could easily fit in a spacious home for the bowling track, as well as into a small apartment. You could feel the throw as if real bowling, but in lighter weight and smaller dimensional sense.

Play it anytime during the day or even at night, as long as your neighbors or next door does not complain ;). It is completely mechanical for the bowling balls arrangement, but it will need to be connected to wall power outlet to activate the auto arrangement feature.


An idea by Natalia Slipokon after she got upper back injury and could carry the 4-kilo bowling ball, and she just can’t find any satisfied substitute for the real bowling ball. One day, Natalia found some smaller scale auto rack coin operated pin setting games and had the idea to redesign and resembles the machine to get the classic ten pin bowling lane.

The ten-pin bowling lane is now roughly 1/3 the scale of a regulation bowling alley, at the fraction of the cost of standard bowling lane, or it could be scaled down to make a bowling toy.

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[ Source: Rolling Bowling ]