Having headache choosing right gift for a businessman? The Royal Champagne Gift Basket is one of the choices if you have hard time deciding which one is the best. Packed with Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne or Dom Perignon, the Royal Champagne Gift basket is elegantly designed including Raspberry Tea Cookies, Spicy Snack Mix, Roasted Almonds with Sea Salt, Cranberry Orange Moravian Cookies as well as Raspberry Tea Cookies.

Regarding the wine, Dom Perignon is dated 2003, notes of candied fruit, plants, the incredible freshness of camphor leaf and finally the dark hints of spices and licorice root. The wine is currently still physical. First sip will give you a mild and delicate sensation, then strongly, confidently mineral, persistent, and precise, with a refined bitterness, and an iodine, saline tang.

Meanwhile the Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne gives luxurious sense, one of the world-famous Champagne that boasts soft and mature aromas of white fruits i.e: peaches and pears with hints of nuts. First taste gives you the smooth, juicy mid-palate to a clean and crisp finish taste, releasing aromatic fruit flavors with hints of fresh walnuts.


It is simply a charming gift basked packed with a dimension of 18 x 10 x 8-inches, if you have been asking what are other things being jammed into the gift basket as well as the pricing, check out more after the jump…

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  • Auberge Camembert Cheese Spread 3.75 oz: A velvety white cheese with a rich, buttery flavor. Perfect for pretzel dipping or serving on savory crackers.
  • Macadams’ Raspberry Tea Cookies 3 oz: Tea biscuits with sweet raspberry flavors and a lavish powdered sugar coating. Try them with tea or on their own.
  • Gourmet Seasoned Popcorn 1 oz: Premium, all-natural popcorn generously coasted in savory cheese and spice blends. By Oogie’s.
  • Aaron Bell Pretzels 4 oz: A snack that everyone enjoys. Bite-sized pretzels born from Old World recipes are coated with a light salt dusting.
  • Moonstruck Mayan Milk Chocolate 2 oz: One of their most exotic and flavorful chocolates with added cinnamon and crushed roasted almonds. Truly unique.
  • Godiva Chocolate Covered Pretzels 2.5 oz: The perfect blend of sweet and salty. Crispy pretzels are covered in luscious Godiva milk chocolate and decorated with Godiva dark chocolate stringing.
  • Ghirardelli Masterpiece Truffle Gift Box 7.3 oz: A deluxe assortment of luxurious truffles, smooth caramels, and cream-filled chocolates.
  • California Strawberry Champagne Sauce 8 oz: This dreamy, gourmet sauce will delight the senses. Luscious California strawberries are combined with the drink of romance. Perfect for desserts or creative culinary cooking.
  • Moravian Cranberry Orange Cookies 4.75 oz: This delightfully tasty and thin cookie is made with the distinctive ingredients of lightly sweetened cranberries and cold-pressed Valencia orange oil.
  • Nunes Farms Roasted Almonds with Sea Salt 3.5 oz: Whole, dry roasted almonds are selectively seasoned with sea slat and a touch of tapioca syrup for an all-natural treat.

Side note: due to the alcoholic nature of the content of this gift basket, an adult signature is required upon delivery.

You could also personalize the gift basket using personalization option by adding one or two lines of messages up to 18 characters per line, the online merchant will add an engraved, silver-plated hang tag to your gift.

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