Duros 8404 is a daylight viewable LCD, a rugged tablet PC with 8.4-inch SVGA touchscreen LCD display that stands rough weather, you could use it outdoor under a shade of shinny sun or use it in the winter under the terrible winter condition. It is sealed to IP-65 levels for dust and water ingress and tested to MIL STD 810F for vibration, functional shock, high and low temperatures and drops.

duros-8404-tablet-pcThe Duros 8404 rugged tablet pc also includes an Intel Celeron M 1.0 GHz or Atomâ„¢ 1.0 GHz, the 8404 packs up to 1 GB memory and up to 120GB storage (up to 64GB solid state drive).

The SVGA touchscreen LCD display of this rugged tablet pc is able to achieve a brightness of 1,100 nit with 120-degree viewing angle. This capability alone is essential to avoid the annoying possibility of not being able to view the text or images on the tablet’s touchscreen lcd especially if you use it outdoor under direct sunlight.


This touchscreen lcd tablet also has a non-rotating compact flash drive and a hot-swappable battery – which feature diminishes downtime and provides continuous battery life.

The 8404 can be equipped with: Wifi/GSM/EDGE/GPS/Bluetooth/GPRS/UMTS.


The Duros 8404 aluminum case has a tough outlook and heavy duty style design that is perfect for those who are careless with tablet pc device or for user with frequent usage of the device on outdoor activities.


More accessories for this rugged tablet pc including the Carrying Hook, Shoulder Case or Vehicle Docking Station could be obtained from the official site of Duros 8404.

Don’t expect the Duros 8404 rugged tablet pc goes cheap and affordable for many.

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