A designer at Coroflot – Geoffrey Cooper, has come up with a wonderful concept on how to create cost effective docks in replace for a hospital’s conventional computers.

Toshiba Rx Medical Tablet was one medical tablet concept shown at CES 2010. The curvaceous form-factor and wipe-clean chassis are certainly blogger friendly. Toshiba Rx medical tablet has an integrated hand-strap on the rear side, it seems to be a neat handle for hand carry.

Geoffrey foresee that someday, hospitals’ medical staffs would walking around the hospital halls grabbing these kind of Toshiba Rx medical tablets, using voice and handwriting recognition, together with on-screen keyboards to interact with digital patient records. In this way, access to patients’ medical records and medicine prescription would be as simple as entering patients’ record number and a click away.

And in order to speed up note entry, hospital will have keyboard base stations which offer wireless conventional QWERTY keyboard.