This one is enchanting! Samsung 9000 Series LED HDTV met public the first time during CES 2010 early this year. It has 9.8mm thick luxury TV with 3D proprietary system with WiFi and DLNA support.

Samsung 9000 Series LED HDTV also compliance to Energy Star 4.0 and is now available in South Korea market. This 9000 LED HDTV series comes with built-in 3D processor and is optimized for multiple 3D standards including half and full HD resolution formats as well as Blu-Ray Disc Association’s approved Blu-Ray 3D standard. In addition, Samsung’s 3D system delivers a picture using a full color spectrum for an unbelievable, immersive viewing experience.


Samsung also included 9000 Series LED HDTV‘s 3D processor with an auto-conversion technology that capable of rendering 2D content into 3D in real time. Consumers can add a level of depth and clarity to a live football game, making them believe they are part of the action.

For those love to browse the internet using large hdtv, you could also get connected to to the internet TV using Samsung applications, it has easy navigation menu and support leading services such as and Accedo Broadband, Associated Press, Fashion TV, Netflix, Blockbuster, Picasa, Pandora, Rovi, Travel Channel, Twitter, USA TODAY and Vudu.

Applications can be downloaded and viewed all while watching TV. All of the premium LED TVs, 6500 Series and above, including Samsung 9000 Series LED HDTV will include the upgraded [email protected] with Samsung Apps.

The LED edge-lighting on Samsung premum LED hdtv wil have the control over local dimming technology in directly back-lit LED televisions, boasting to have unsurpassed picture quality with vibrant colors, deep blacks and better contrast ratios. This is possible due to its high-efficiency LED light source and picture enhancement video processor.

Will Samsung be able to surpassed the LG’s OLED TV by coming up with AMOLED 3D HDTV? We’ll wait and see…

No info on pricing or availability for overseas market yet.

[ Source: Akihabara News ; Samsung ]