Tommaso Gecchelin has come up with Samsung BE, an energy conscious interactive monitoring concept utilizing Smart Ring technology to help user monitor and control their energy consumption away from home as well as to help reduce users’daily carbon footprint.

Simply get your own Samsung BE and you could sync it with your home power source, it will intelligently take care of the rest. Tommaso has been thinking of getting Samsung BE to analyse users’ daily electrical usage to your water usage and energy wastage, and in return, preparing appropriate report and ways to minimize unnecessary energy consumption for its users.


By using Samsung BE, people will gain more insight to their bad energy wasting habits and could help to amplify the green energy conscious in near future. Furthermore, Samsung BE is prepared to have GPS navigation feature amongst other interactive features.

More info about Samsung BE concept, click here.



Samsung BE takes the heaxagonal shape for ease of connecting and attaching the device virtually anywhere. More over, the Samsung BE concept will work with variety of green energy sources, including solar, wind or kinetic energy.



[ Source: EcoFriend ; Tommaso Gecchelin ]