Gangsters? By all means, NO! They are respected businessmen celebrating the world’s first Samsung Full HD 3D LED TV as another stride from Samsung Electronics in global home entertainment industry.

The event was also held to celebrate strategic alliance with DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. (Nasdaq: DWA) – to feature an exclusive offering of the Company’s beloved Shrek film series – which to date has grossed over $2 billion in worldwide box office – in its entirety in 3D for the first time ever.


Samsung is planning to launch their broadest line on 3D home entertainment products starting this year. The Samsung 3D TVs are LED 7000/8000/9000 Series, LCD 750 series and Plasma 7000/8000 series.

To make 3D LED TVs more accessible for global consumers, Samsung has announced their new promotional campaign where buyers who have purchased a 2010 Samsung 3D TV and 3D Blu-ray Player or Home Theater System will receive a 3D starter kit that includes two pairs of Samsung 3D active glasses.


And the first time, feature-length 3D Blu-ray version of DreamWorks Animation’s 2009 release, Monsters vs. Aliens (exclusive to Samsung products).

The earlier adopter model that will be available starting this month are: the 46-inch and 55-inch LED C7000 TVs, while the rest of 3D TVs will only start rolling out over the next several months.

Samsung is delivering 3D the way it was meant to be watched, combining the Samsung BD-C6900 3D Blu-ray player or the Samsung HT-C6930W 3D Blu-ray integrated home theater system, stylish 3D active glasses and movie in Blu-ray 3D.The result: Full HD with lifelike depth and color clarity at home.

Additionally, during the second half of 2010, the most successful animated film franchise of all time – DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek film series – will be available in 3D Blu-ray for Samsung home solutions.

No info on the pricing for the 46-inch and 55-inch C7000 LED TVs yet. Just wonder when we could enjoy watching the Korean movie “Ga-moon-eui Wi-gi: Ga-moon-eui Yeong-gwan 2” in 3D mode without having to wear the any blackish 3D glasses! 😀