Unveiled in September this year, Samsung Exynos 4412 which was announced to be a dual-core chip is going to have ARM Cortex A9 quad-core engine inside the slim processor.

Samsung Exynos 4412 is a 32nm processor chip that was originally prepared for a dual-core SoC for the now-classic Cortex A9 CPU core from ARM. In the dual-core mode, which introduced back in September, Samsung Exynos 4412 offered 25% more CPU power, but 30 % more graphics speed, the question is, will the quad-core double the dual-core or more than double the figures?



Want to enjoy a ride into Samsung Exynos’ fantasy world? Let’s roll the video…

No info if Samsung going to adopt silicon as the early version in house, everything is possible. The quad-core Exynos is rumored being prepared for Samsung Galaxy S3 handset, which going to offer multi media sharing on native triple display capability, that will be one awesome device where you could use on your Samsung HDTV, monitor as well as the smartphone to view similar picture or video at the same time.



Entering quad-core era, businesses and households’ computer users are likely to seek for speed, reliability and performance. Those processor manufacturers that can’t follow the change of trend will eventually drop out from the market sooner or later.

[ Source: SammyHub ; Samsung Exynos 4412 Quad-Core Processor ]