Looking for an Android smartphone that could easily transformed into a desktop computer? Latest experiment by ITPortal has revealed how the Ice Cream Sandwich powered Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one little gadget that will get you a mobile phone as well as a mobile desktop pc at the same time.

Even though you could not expect to get complete multimedia experience with DVD players, Blu-ray, etc, Samsung Galaxy Nexus is equipped with built-in support for USB and Bluetooth peripherals, i.e: Bluetooth mice and keyboards.

Besides, you will be able to connect the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to a desktop monitor by plugging in the HDMI cable, and use it as if running on a desktop or a nettop PC.

You definitely can’t expect a superb graphics performance on a 10-inches up display/monitor, considering the graphics on Galaxy Nexus is meant for viewing on the smartphone, but nevertheless there Galaxy Nexus supports 720p viewing on your monitor, not that bad after all.

You will need to get an MHL adapter in case you wish to type as if common desktop pc, connecting an Apple’s keyboard and trackpad without lots of efforts for hacking the smartphone for non-standard equipment.


Based on the experiment by ITPortal, navigating on Samsung Galaxy Nexus using the finger touch screen on the smartphone is surprisingly fluid, also a cursor will follow your finger around, responding to finger taps, holds and gestures in Android for making natural transition, either way, you could choose to use a mouse or using the smartphone’s touchscreen.

An Alt + Tab function on connected keyboard will brings up Android’s native app switcher, which is one cool feature that Galaxy Nexus offers to its desktop users.

You could read more about specification of Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Android Community.

[ Source: Samsung Galaxy Nexus ; ITPortal ]