Have you read about Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Android smartphone? Latest survey shows that many consider the ‘over rounded’ corner design similar to Samsung Galaxy Mini is nothing special and actually look a bit outdated. But here comes a photo leak of the LTE version from Samsung South Korea with a new design, taking a bit for the rounded corner and more height to the screen dimension gives more elegant impression to the users.

No technical details or pricing revealed yet for the LTE version of Samsung Galaxy S3, but this LTE version is likely to have dual-core instead of the quad-core processors due to incompatibility with LTE radios issue and it is likely to be launched in South Korea first prior popping up in other countries.


Above photo leak could be a photoshop trick, to measure market’s respond regarding the new design outlook, by the way, do you think the LTE version on the photo (on the right) is better than the over rounded corner (on the left) design?

[ Source: Geeky Gadgets ]