Samsung has launched two new refrigerator for South Korean market, they are: Zipel e-diary with a 10-inch touchscreen display and WiFi connectivity. The Zipel e-diary is compatible with DLNA devices.


You could store more than 500 kinds of different foods with their nutritional content information. The touchscreen display will let you to know current weather conditions and news from the internet. Samsung Zipel e-diary refrigerator comes in cream white pattern.

zipel-massimoAnother interesting product is the luxuriously designed refrigerator by an Italian jewelry designer, Massimo Zucchi, the luxurious refrigerator is themed with water and ice.

Samsung Zipel e-Diary = KRW2,490,000.- [ approx. USD2,170.- ]
Samsung Massimo Zucchi Luxurious Design = KRW2,990,000.- [ approx. USD2,600.- ]