New ergonomics digital camera recorder released by Samsung is SMX-C20UN. The ergonomics angle enable users to capture video in 25 degree angle, a healthy hand position that eliminates wrist pain and fatigue, enabling you to shoot in complete comfort for extended periods of time.




samsung-SMX-C20UN-frontSamsung SMX-C20UN digital camcorder features Edit function of the Samsung C20, allowing users to combine and divide files directly on the camcorder and enable you to edit video without the necessity of transferring files to a PC. Other features such as less memory video recording, 10x optical zoom for its lens and amazing 1200x digital zoom.

Supported video format including Superior Video Compression (H.264) and using SDHC as the storage media. The easy one touch sharing will allow you to share images or videos with one click.

The Samsung C20 also comes with embedded Intelli-Studio software, enabling you to use the camcorder at any PC to view, edit, and share the memories you make. Simply connect it to any PC via USB and enjoy freedom and flexibility.

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