It has been a global news in the last couples of week that Japan’s display giant, including Sony, Panasonic and Sharp have been facing tremendous competition pressure from both Apple and Samsung in term of display market. The huge job cut have been a new phenomena in Japan post the earthquake and tsunami hit early this year.

Samsung, on the opposite side of the market, getting more popular these days owing to quality display products that getting more word of mouths among end-users across the globe.

More surprise from Samsung, the new Super Luxury OLED TV from Samsung is rumored to participate in the upcoming IFA that will be held in Berlin from August 31st to September 5th.


It is hard to believe any more additional feature besides the 4K resolution and 3D features could be further added into the current ES8000 model. The Samsung ES8000 TV has been equipped with various features including gestures and voice control, facial recognition, AllShare wireless content sharing and Smart Hub for connecting online services and content.

However, Michael Zoeller, Marketing Director of Samsung Europe did mentioned about the upcoming new generation of TV that should be posed above current top models.

With the ES8000 priced at GBP2,500 or about USD3,985 how much do you think Samsung going to price the upcoming Super OLED TV? With exponential growth of global population and increasing greed for large or huge display TVs, how much longer do you think the ‘scarce’ resources scenario of precious metals for building television will be enough to satisfy the growing demand for large television?

Price: GBP2,500.-

[ Source: Pocket-Lint ;  Samsung ]