For moms that recently found herself frequently forget about the food being stewed inside her kitchen, following never burn saucepot might the cookware you have been searching for. It is made of 1.2mm stainless steel for the outer shell, that is twice as thick of common cookware, in a total of seven layers of alternating stainless steel and aluminum with a hermetically sealed silicone oil chamber.

This 10-quart saucepot promise will never burn sauces or stews, even if the cook forgets to stir the sauce. The dimension of this never burn saucepot is 8-inch in height by 12-inch in diameter, weighing 12 lbs.

The chamber itself acts as a permanent double boiler, claims to distribute the heat evenly and guard the saucepot against the abrupting shifts in temperature. Unlike the conventional saucepots, sauces must constantly stirred, otherwise the sauce could easily burned or scorch.


The way this never burn saucepot designed will allow a unique heat distribution that ensure even dense meals including chowder and chili need never be stirred while left to thicken on the stove. The lid is made of tempered glass for easy monitoring while cooking and the heat resistant twin handles for easy carrying.

Do not want to bother with the washing? You could relax, as this never burn saucepot is dishwasher safe.

This boasts to be never burn saucepot is now available, right here!

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