Seabreacher is a cool water vehicle produced by California’s Shasta Lake Innespace Productions company. Having two seats on the vehicle, the dolphin shape watercraft capable of reaching 40mph on the water surface and 20mph under the 3-5 feet deep water. The Seabreacher could also jump 12ft out of the water surface.



Seabreacher watercraft could also perform gnarly barrel rolls even while accomodating two people on its back. In short, it looks and perform pretty resemble a real dolphin, only it could not communicate with you like the real dolphin could.

seabreacher-watercraft-towingMade by order, you could get the Seabreacher fully insured and licensed and you only need a regular water driving license in order to bring this baby out. More images and videos over Innespace’s official site here.


Standard model = USD48,000.-
Super High Performance Model = USD68,000.-