Not all USB drives are malware-proof and hacker proof! That’s why the market for secure USB storage is still widely open.

Designed to confirm the military needs, government and enterprise users, IronKeyâ„¢ S200 series secure USB storage flash drives have passed the stringent Security Level 3 tests for the FIPS 140-2 standard.


It proves to be able to protects the critical components, while strong AES 256-bit hardware encryption and active malware defenses safeguard even the most sensitive data. Enterprise-class central management capabilities also make it easy to enforce security policies on fleets of drives and even remotely destroy drives in the field.


Being designed and assembled in USA, the original S100 IronKey has been highly praised for its physical security with its tamper resistant chassis; the crypochip that provides AES 256-bit encryption in CBC mode; remote and local self-destruct capability; This S200 secure usb storage suppose to exceed the expectation from the market.


The latest IronKey S200 secure usb storage has recently received what it claims to be the highest level of the FIPS 140-2 ever validated for a USB flash drive the L3 security level. There are others that also achieved Level 2, but the IronKey S200 is the first to reach L3.


There are 4 levels in total, with the highest validation for products that operate in physical unprotected environment. As a flash drive, IronKey S200’s dual-channel architecture SLC NAND boosts performance for small file operations, optimizing the drive for virtual machines and bootable mobile desktops alike.


Price: S200 will probably cost above USD200 for 8GB and about USD150 for 4GB.

[ Source: EverythingUSB ; IronKey Demo ]