Seil Bag is a backpack concept by Lee Myung Su, Park Geun Wan and Park Okhee. Suitable for bicycle riders, the Seil Bag is designed with an LED display that will inform driver behind about the direction or emotion of the bicycle rider.

seilbagIf in driving mode, there will be a lef and right turns signs appear on the bag, you could control what signs to appear using a detachable remote control.


seilbag2Meanwhile for the emotion mode, you will get various moods such as angry, confuse, happy, etc. Additionally, you will also find a break signal, emergency signals and cruse signals.seilbag5No info if any manufacturer interested in mass producing this type of Seil Bag yet.

[ Source: Coated ; Walyou ; Yanko Designs ; Leemyungsu Designlab ]