Amaze by those performer on the circus riding a self balancing unicycle? Here comes the second generation of SBU that comes with a 1000 watt motor offers up to 10 mph speed and up to 12 miles or about 20km of traveling distance.

You will find seven sensors, including accelerometers for balancing monitor, gyros, that will process the data for further send to a hub-mounted motor for auto adjust to either speed and for auto-balancing purpose.


Full recharge will take around 2 hours to accomplish, but it is a fully electric self-balancing-unicycle, you could not expect to ride it as if ordinary unicycle once the battery is running out of juice. Of course, users could always get extra or additional battery installed on the second generation of SBU for extra mileage at additional cost.


sbu-v-2-riding-on-the-roadPhotos Credit: Focus Designs Inc.

Price: USD1,499.- [ additional battery cost = USD275.- ]

[ Source: Hardwaresphere ; Focus Design Inc. ]