Have you been searching for a headache free clothing that do the self-cleaning when the cloth get dirty? One good news from researchers at University of California is the new type of clothing that designed with compound called 2-ACQ. The 2-ACQ compound is capable to release both hydroxyl radicals and hydrogen peroxide chemicals that harm bacteria and break down other organic compounds.

Once being exposed to light, 2-ACQ will automatically releases both hydroxyl radicals and hydrogen peroxide chemicals, and interesting enough 2-ACQ compound has shown to bond strongly to cellulose and doesn’t simply wash off like other self-cleaning products. This new invention should become a practical medical gadgets, especially for making clothing of healthcare workers, farmers and military personnel.


Since the 2-ACQ compound is more expensive than other cleaning compounds, researchers are still looking forward chemical substance that offers similar properties. People will soon love sun dried laundry!

[ Source: UC Davis Page ; MedGadget ]