Zap Cane is taking the shape of senior citizen’s walking stick, the only difference being the end part that designed with a million volt shock feature at a press of button.

Zap-Cane-self-defense-walking-stick Protection is necessary for those elderly that love taking a few minutes walk around the neighborhood, while the streets might fill with ‘bad boys’ or ‘bad dogs’ that love to bully those senior citizens or the fat kids that can’t move around easily. Zap Cane is a good option for those that do not enjoy ‘killing’, but prefer to teach those ‘bad boys’ a lesson to remember.

Zap Cane walking stick could supports up to 250lbs of weight and the height is adjustable from 32 to 36 inches. You will find a built-in LED flash light on the handle as described on above picture.

Price: USD103.-

[ Source: Gizmodo ; ZAP ]