Most of helmets do not have fluorescent properties, exposing more vulnerability to the rider of tragic accidents for riding motorbike during night time. The Shark S900 Fost is a fluorescent helmets that will not only protect your head against fatal damage but will also send out ‘glow’ to let four-wheel’s vehicles drivers notice the present of a motor rider in the dark road.


shark s900 fluorescent helmet

Shark S900 is coated with a photo-luminescent ink, it will glow for up to two hours after 30 minutes of being in the daylight. Some of the other specs are an Anti-scratch 2.2 mm visor – Total Vision Anti-fog visor, internal Anti-scratch sun visor, and fully removable interior lining. Shark S900 available in three colors of white, gray and black.

Price: USD269.99 [ Available at TheBikerStore – UK And Motorcycle SuperStore – US