You might have read about the handful model of latest innovation for Electric Vehicles, but Sharp comes in with a new innovation that will make you think twice before getting a larger EV batteries for storing green energy for your home.


Sharp’s latest Intelligent Power Conditioner concept will allow EV users to use their EV batteries as storage batteries for home. In the concept trials, Sharp has proven that using battery pack of consumer type of EV is capable to supply about 8kW of power, which should be more than enough for electrical appliances in an average household with a pair of parents and three kids.

In addition, the charge controller in the Intelligent Power Conditioner was able to deliver 4 kWh of energy to recharge the electric vehicle battery pack in approximately 30 minutes.

Expect to see more news about Sharp’s Intelligent Power Conditioner in months to come.

[ Source: Akihabara News ; Sharp ]